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Give and it shall be Given.

Blessings tend to find me. Even when I’m not looking, thinking or anticipating any. Trust, i am not mad at that at all! Do i deserve God’s favor? Do any of us? Not really. But that’s what’s so awesome about Him. He provides for us when we have done nothing to earn it. Hallelujah!

So it is my duty, and my honor, to pass these blessings along. I’m philanthroping y’all!! Little Give: Part of the proceeds from The Westside Summer Food & Wine Festival that I’ve contributed to and am participating in is being donated to the Culver Palms Meals on Wheels program. Please follow the link to buy your tickets on Eventbrite!

July 2018 festival pic

Bigger Give: On August 4, I’ll be having a $1 cupcake sale to benefit the We’ve Got Your Back backpack giveaway sponsored by my church, Temple Baptist Church of Long Beach, and our sister church, the Church of Latter Day Saints East Stake. Half of the proceeds from this sale will go to to this program, so y’all be sure to order a ton of cupcakes!

  1. Pre-order required, starting 7/23. Minimum order of 1 dozen (it’s only $12!). I will be offering 3 flavors for you to mix and match, Strawberry Daquiri, Lemonade and Creamsicle. No substitutions or additions.

  2. Orders of 2 dozen or more (you know you’ll wanna) need to be prepaid. I will invoice you for easy payment.

  3. Pick-up will be at Temple Baptist Church, 2825 10th St, Long Beach, CA between 12p and 1230p ONLY. Please do not come to order, this is pick up only. Extras/no shows will be sold from 1230-1245p.

(Caveat: You know good and well I don’t do cupcakes. However, to make this fundraiser work, i have to. While they will still be ridiculously bomb, these cupcakes won’t be my usual recipe, nor will they be Red. So please overstand that while you’ll be enjoying 100% of my love and work, but not 100% RSC magic, you will be helping some very deserving children get a step ahead in school this fall.)

Biggest Give: Community is a really big thing to me and i want to make sure i’m doing my part to give back to the community that surrounds and supports me. Starting in September, I will be donating a portion of my monthly sales to any one of many local organizations, causes or fundraisers. Every month i will contribute to something different. If you know of a cause coming up, please let me know! The Fire Department, Police Department, schools, churches, youth programs, toy drives… you name it! (Well almost, i’m not dropping funds in your GoFundMe to get your freak on in Vegas for your birthday…)

So that means the more you bless me, the more i can bless others! You ready to get your cake on?

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