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I’m Golden!

i can’t.

i cannot.

i cannot with this today.

The things that happen in my life and that of those around me never cease to amaze me from one day to the next. Is this blog going to be about cake? Nope. Not at all. Ok, maybe i’ll touch on it, but really, nah. It’s just about being constantly mindblown. Come, ride with me…

As some of you may know, I’ve changed residences twice in two months. Like full on moves. Twice. The first one was planned, the second not so much (but a huge blessing!). And in the midst, my car fell into a coma. Ok, i put her in a coma, trivialities… Nonetheless, i was on the threshold of being homeless and carless. But God! At no point have i been without a roof over my head. Even when it came to the 11th hour and situations were in question, I was still covered. At no point have i been without transportation. I have not missed a day of work or an event because of transportation issues. Mainly because one of my beloved corner crew has been traveling for the last two months and graciously allowed me to car sit for her. God always puts the right people in the right place/situation at exactly the right times, whether you think they are or not. Even when our schedules conflicted, i had the money to get a rental for a day. Praises for provision!

My Ace, my Ride-or-Die, was in a situation that needed an extra hand, so of course she called me and without question, i was there for her #ITakeCareOfThose #WhoTakeCareOfMe. Without blinking an eye, i gave her just about the last dime in my pocket because she needed it and i had faith i’d be okay. Lo and behold, she made a phone call on a whim and came upon a windfall of cash! Not just enough to take care of what she needed, but enough to also help me out. How about that! Come on God! This is why i say “I Can’t”. I cannot… There is no way i can begin to express my complete awe and fascination with what and how my Creator makes things happen! Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! I say so!

Now, how am i wrapping this back around to cake? Um… let’s see… My new spot came with an oversized refrigerator for the space it was in so it had no oven. No oven? Who lives without an oven? Maaaannn…. So for the first time in my life, i had to buy one. Did i go to a store with warranties and delivery and installation services? Um, no, i don’t have it like that. So I found one online in the Facebook Marketplace for $100 down the street from me #blessing. The lady was very nice, courteous, helpful and knowledgeable of the appliance. It was in perfect condition and was only sidelined because she was upgrading to stainless steel (which now she regrets because she doesn’t like the unit she got as much). And then the rub — finding people and a truck for a literally 15 minute job. Didn’t make a whole lot of sense to rent a U-haul pickup for $40 (btw, that “Rent Me for $19.95” on the side of the truck is a lie!) and two Home Depot parking lot laborers for another $30 when I’ve got a church full of folks who are there for me. Now coordinating their schedules? THAT in and of itself was an Act of God. It took a week, but my oven was carried up my stairs last night by my Pastor himself and his friend #loveyourcorner #teampastor #raminthebush.

Now catch this timing: I have 60 minis, 14 dozen cupcakes and a sampler set to make by Saturday. Like done by Friday night because my event is Saturday afternoon. I have exactly enough time to get all of it done, dressed and packed, assuming my oven starts up perfectly tonight. I’m trusting God that everything is going to go smoothly, according to His will. Even if it doesn’t go by “my” plan, I know everything will work out fine. Just watch.

UPDATE: Oven didn’t get connected because hose didn’t get purchased because car still wasn’t fixed so i had to take the train home and got to the store 1 minute late. BUT… I’m still golden! I’ve got this! No, HE’S got this!

UPDATE PT 2: The devil is busy… But he’s not going to steal my joy or faith! The backup car is suddenly no longer in commission, so i threatened my mechanic and should be, no, WILL BE, picking up my car tonight! The oven… well, assuming the appliance professionals my maintenance guy called in can make it happen, my oven will be cranking out 216 cupcakes and the sampler tonight! (I commandeered my sister’s oven the other night for the minis for Saturday.) Keep rolling with me, y’all!

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