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A little more about Me

I’m Donya and I’ve been tooling around the kitchen since the tender age of 6, thanks to my mom’s encouragement and my family’s love of food. Most dishes turned out great – we don't talk about the green pancakes – others took a couple of tries to perfect. But I never gave up. I was determined to create what I had a taste for and could share with loved ones. Whether they knew they wanted it or not…

Giving credit where it's due, I thank my dear friend John for being the Hennessey lover he is, which prompted me to make my very first Red Shoe Cake for his birthday way back in 2016. Without my husband and kids being my #1 Everythings -- Marketers, R&D guinea pigs, delivery drivers, support centers, and cake disposal systems -- I would be nothing. They are my rocks and I love them dearly! Greater than all of these, however, is My Creator who trusted me with this gift and a heart to bring joy and happiness to every around me. Thank you, Father God, for blessing me!


(btw: the turquoise pancakes went over way better than the green ones… #trialanderror)

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