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Cake of the Month Club

Birthdays. Family Dinner.
Book Club.
Wednesday Binge Nights.

There’s always a reason you’ll need cake.
Our Cake of the Month Club has you covered.

Red Shoe Caketail


Pink Slipper (non-alc)


4 months, Baker's Choice of sizes and flavors

This is the gift that keeps giving even after your subscription expires! Sign up and get coupons, discounts and advanced notification of sales and events!

Just let me know:

  • What day you’d like to indulge (2nd Tuesday, 4th Friday, every 12th, etc.) or Surprise Me.

  • If you want spirited Red Shoe Caketails or non-alcoholic Pink Slippers.

  • Any aversions (no nuts, no chocolate, allergic to strawberries, etc).
    Non-Dairy, Eggless or Vegan will be $5 extra/month.

  • If you’d prefer to pick up in Greater Atlanta area, or if you want these shipped to your door (addl $25/mo, restrictions apply).


It’s seriously that easy to have a different moist, delicious, cocktail cake in your hands (preferably your mouth though) every month. Let’s get your Cake of the Month Club membership started!

Welcome to Our
Cake of the Month Club!
What Can I Make You?

Thanks for joining!

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