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His Words


This is new to me. Writing what I'm imagining. I see things in my mind, but putting them to words doesn't come as easily to me as it obviously does to you. But I'm going to do this because your letter got me thinking. Thinking about how your touch would feel. Thinking about the softness of your lips, the curve of your spine when I hold you to me and kiss you gently. You got me thinking.

I can see us. We're face to face, undressing each other slowly. One button at a time, I loosen your shorts as you unfasten my jeans. I like those panties. Turn around and let me see them. Nice. They look even better on the floor. You take off my shirt and run one hand over my chest and the other down to stroke me gently. Your touch is like electricity. I easily lift off your t-shirt and gaze upon your naked breasts. I've never seen more delicious chocolate in my life. I love how they sit with your nipples pointing slightly upward, begging for my tongue. And who am I to say no to them?

As I feast on them, right then left, your breathing quickens and you bite your lip. I slip a finger into your space and circle slowly. You like this, don't you? I drop to my knees to see what I have found and look up at you. May I? Softly, I nose into your curls. You smell amazing. Sweet, ripe and juicy like a mango straight off the tree. My tongue finds you ready and your knees buckle from the sensation. Don't fall, baby. I press in as far as I can and suckle your clit. I must be doing it right because you can't breathe. I don't want to stop, but let me let you catch up before you pass out. Have a seat so you can relax, but... scoot right up to the edge and spread your legs for me. Better yet, why don't you toss one up on my shoulder? That's perfect, baby. Now I have all of you right here like the sweetest buffet I've ever seen. May I continue?


You are dripping wet. That's beautiful. And delicious. And I lap up every drop like a soft-serve ice cream cone. You're watching me with your mouth gaped open. You like what you're seeing? Watching me lick your lips and everywhere in between? How about when I stick my tongue in it? Oh, that makes your eyes close. Let me do it again then. Rub my head while I please you, just like that. Are you going to cum for me now? You're breathing faster. I'm not going to stop, even though you're begging. I can feel you pulsing. You're about to drown me, aren't you? Bring it. I want to drink you. Yeah, gimme all of it.


Real quick while you're still vibrating, give me the chair and get up on my lap. Just like that. Slide down on me. Damn that pussy is hot. You feel so good wrapped around me, but I have to make this last. The way you're throbbing though, it's making me so hard. Can you feel me growing inside you? I didn't think I could get harder, but damn baby. Rock it slow, just like that. Let me suck those pretty titties since they're here in my face. Oh you like that too, huh? Nah, I need you to slow down. Don't do that to me just yet. Let me enjoy this for a little longer. I'll just lick them. Maybe rub my lips on them. But I won't suck. I definitely won't grab your ass while I do that either. No. You move too right when I do that.


Lean back a little, let me see us grinding against each other. Look down, you see us? That looks so good. All that wetness is for me? You do that for me? I'm honored. I want to mix mine with yours, but not just yet. I'm feeling this. Wait, don't look at me like that. Don't, don't move your hips like that. Not faster, slow down. Are you about to cum again? No, don't do it. You're going to make me... Aw shit. I grab your waist and thrust hard against you till I almost fall off the chair. I can't stop. I can't stop. I'm going to give you all of this right now. You squeeze yourself tight to me and take all of my heat. The way you're massaging me makes me want to keep going, but I can't... Damn you feel so good against me, on me, around me. all damp, and moist, and sweaty. You kiss me hard, tasting yourself on my tongue and smile. That was just right. Just right.

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