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Her Words

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September, Fiji

You were 100% right. I’ve never felt a breeze this warm and soothing in my life. The way it's billowing the sheer netting around the bed is almost ethereal. I'm trying to keep my eyes open to watch the seagulls circling the shoreline, but the warmth of you pressed along the length of me keeps lulling me. I don’t want to fall back asleep right now. I want more of you.


Our first interlude in this secluded hut was hurried and chaotic because it had been so long since I'd felt your touch. We couldn't hold back. The door, the wall, that poor chair... We assaulted them with no warning and no mercy. It felt so good to have you inside me again. I missed you so much. We collapsed on the cool bamboo floor and barely made it to the bed before falling into sweet, sweaty slumber.

But now I want to wake you slowly, to make you think you’re still dreaming. Small undulations against you begin to stir the pot. I don't want to move too much and get you going too fast, I want it slow and intense this time. I'm trying to keep my breathing steady and deep to seem like I was wanting you in my dreams but my body doesn't know the difference. My temperature is rising as I glide my leg along yours and intertwine our ankles. Your arm withdraws from my waist, leading your hand over my hip and down the side of my thigh. Your fingers barely touch my skin as they travel up the front, careful to just grace the edge of my curls.


Your breath is hot against the back of my neck as you caress my breast then gently guide my arm above my head. I grip the pillow in bated anticipation. Fingers trace the length of my arm, from my wrist to the slope of my breast, and softly touch my nipple. Their movements mirror mine against your awakening lap, gentle and light. Barely tracing the outer circle, you're feeling my peak grow taut as you squeeze it just so. You lick your fingers and continue to tiddle with the right one, then bless the left with the same tenderness. You know that's the sensitive one. Each touch sends waves through my body, the kind that make my hips move involuntarily. You're controlling me. You want me to grind against you so you're puppeting me with my own nipples. I love how well you know my body.


Running your hand along my ribcage, you grip my waist eliciting a stuttered gasp from my throat. You persuade my body to take a prone position under the crisp, white sheet. The contrasting feeling of the air-cooled cotton against my now sensually warmed ass quickens my breath. I have to try not to grind against the bed. I want to save all of that for you. You peel away the sheet and for a moment just watch me writhe against the fabric. I close my eyes and bask in this tortured wait. All I can hear is the ocean crashing against its sandy lover and your excited breathing hovering above me.


My arms are stretched far above my head, my hands alternately gripping and releasing the pillow's edge. You run one finger from the nape of my neck, between my shoulder blades, down to the small of my back, along the split of my cheeks and plunge it down into my depths. I moan deeply into the cushion when you find your pearl. You greet her, but don't linger, tracing through the depths of the valley and back up for air. You know I'm ready, now you're just teasing me.


Without a word, your controlled breathing inches closer to my ear. Your arms align with mine as you raise your body to lay upon me. Gently, your legs coax mine apart and you rest your weight on my back. I bite my lips while feeling you move into position to bring me your heat. I moan softly as you begin, barely entering then waiting. One more inch, then you stop. You inhale deeply and exhale against my shoulders. Two more inches and you stop again. The blood is pounding in my temples. Thank you for this sweet agony... I can't help moving my hips under your weight, eliciting an animalistic groan from somewhere in your throat. You pull back knowing you would rather drive me deep, but you resist one last time. Instead you glide slowly into my abyss, as far as you can sink without drowning, and then rest. We breathe together, your chest against my back, absorbing and melting into each other for what seemed like an eternity...


As difficult as it is, we lay perfectly still. I want to arch my back and press you farther in, but I don't. I want to squeeze you inside of me, massage you from hilt to tip, but I don't. I lay completely still beneath you. Waiting. Breathing. Dripping. Wanting. Tingling. Why do you do this to me? The way you're breathing on the back of my neck, I can hear the quietest moan in your throat. You want to move, but you know it would be the beginning of the end if you did. Maybe if I tighten up just a little bit... You groan, but refuse to move. I cinch you a little stronger with two different movements. You exhale hard. Light pulses while the rest of my body stays tortuously still. I hear words in your throat, but you won't release them. Tell me you love this. Tell me you need this. Tell me to stop. Demand I release you.


You won't. You can't.


Rhythmic rippling coaxes you in deeper, making me bury my face in the pillow to keep the silence. You slide your hands between my pelvis and the bed and press me impossibly closer into you. Your hands grip at my inner thighs as you try to convince yourself not to move. I'm sorry, baby, it's not going to work out for you. I squeeze one more time with all my might. In one indescribable move, you pull us both up on our knees, leaving my face in the pillow. You keep fighting with yourself not to terrorize my flesh, trembling with the urge to pound relentlessly into me. Until...


You surrender.


Skin slaps skin, juices create sounds unmistakable, fingertips grip so hard flesh turns red. You devour me from within. My insides reverberate under your assault. Thank you... Your vocalizations urge me on. I press my palms into the headboard and arch my back deeper for you. I have one more squeeze. That's all you needed. Five. Four. Three. Two. Yes... I feel you throb and twitch. You can't catch your breath. Trembling arms brace against the bed to keep you from collapsing on me, burying me in your lust and sweat.


Ah, but there's that breeze... You're right, I have never felt anything like it in my life.

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