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Welcome to your guiltiest pleasure.

Decadence at its finest, there's something on these pages for everyone.
Well, everyone who's Grown & Sexy...

Excerpts (Instagram Post (Square))_edite

I’m just a girl, standing in front of an oven with some batter and a bottle of grown-up in my hand…

There’s something deeply satisfying about watching someone’s eyes light up when I tell them what’s in my cakes. And even more so watching their eyes close when they taste them. That’s one of the main reasons I do this; your satisfaction. My Why, my main Why, is because I need to have, do, be, create, share, own and pass on something of value and worth that I built myself.​ And if my love of cake and libations is my way there, let's do it!

I'm Donya and I welcome you into my world, my Cakedom. Hang around for a while, get to know me and the ladies. We’re all friendly and we don’t bite. Unless you ask nicely…

Donya Brown
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^I know you have other things to do, so my emails are infrequent, light and short. 

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