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She’s hella greedy.

So i was going back over some of my earlier blogs and had to laugh at this one. It was fascinating/overwhelming me that new flavors and combinations wouldn’t leave me alone. I could tell i was trying to fight them, but decided to compromise, in bits and pieces. HA! I’m all in now, baby!! My imagination isn’t just a greedy mistress, she’s a harem now!

People regularly ask me what flavors i offer. Well, pull up a chair America, cuz the list is infinite.  Yes, i still have my base menu, my classics, my go to’s, made in my original style. Delicious, flavorful, quite delightful, really. Then you could take one of these classics and upgrade them to Premium recipe to give your tastebuds a run for their money. A little creamier mouthfeel, a little heavier libation flavor, a little bit bigger cake… Definitely worth the additional $5.  Then there are my Seasonal Flavors – combinations that defy logic and are created to astound your senses! At least i’d like to believe… Made in Premium fashion and usually combining several liquors and/or extra ingredients (i.e. Hummingbird, Carrot, etc.), these beauties are top of the line!

Now here’s where it gets fun! Say you have a particular liquor you want to enjoy (like Pure White Hennessey imported from the Caribbean that my ex asked for 5 months ago but still hasn’t sent). I would love to play with your bottle. That probably sounded suspect, but then again, that’s just how i roll… We’ll discuss your flavor profile and I’ll make you an amazing cake that perfectly compliments that spirit. If i buy the alcohol, know that i have to adjust the cost of the cake for the extra purchase and no, you don’t get the bottle afterwards. If you supply the bottle, we can negotiate on the pricing and you’ll get it back. Overstand, this only applies to peculiar, specialty, limited edition or scarce items. Don’t bring me a dusty half a bottle of Crown Royal from your cabinet and expect a discount…

But for real, when i say


i really mean it. I welcome the challenge!

I was having a conversation with a restaurateur friend of mine the other night. Watching him talk about his creations and how much he enjoys the process made me smile. It was like looking at myself in a shapeshifter mirror… The way his face lit up, his smile, the animation in his hands, you could see passion and a true love of this art.  I got amp’d just looking at him. The two guys sitting at the table with us stared in awe as we volleyed over their table of wings and fries. Even though his offerings were other spectrum from mine, the passion for creation is the same. There’s a kindred in the process!

Find something in life you love. Find something in life that stirs a passion in you. Not a person, but something you can create. There’s a deep satisfaction in the process and the outcome is something that everyone should experience many, many times in life. It’s a lifeblood, a nectar, sustenance for the soul. Find it.

In the meantime, come enjoy my harem…

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