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Can I Be Frank?

I have a 2 year old spaniel named Franklin Delano Brown. Why Delano? Because i couldn’t think of anything else that fit so well with Franklin. It’s so presidential… Is he a fearless, born leader? Not even kinda. He’s a rebel without a clue, but smart as a whip when he wants to be. He’s got a 24/7 food dish, his own water dispenser and is allowed


Tbh, i am a lot like Frank. I have everything i could possibly need in life at my fingertips – food, water, shelter, family, friends, creature comforts, an approachable disposition despite looking formidable – everything. But the difference is I work for what i have instead of just sitting there looking absolutely adorable. I do sit and look absolutely adorable at times, but it doesn’t always get me what i want. I work. A lot. The majority of the work i do is completely unfulfilling and mundane, but it pays the bills and keeps me cute. The other work i do is a lot more fun and satisfying, but is just now sustaining itself, not so much my lifestyle. It will shortly, but not just yet. Then there’s side work i do that’s being there to help a friend and make a little change in the meantime. Inevitably, i make some kind of connection that pushes me or someone else forward, so that in and of itself makes it a worthy endeavor.

But this is what differentiates me from Frank. Besides species and gender. I work hard for what i have. In the past month, i have baked almost non-stop. I have had a few days respite, well appreciated, here and there, but with the tasting party at the beginning of the month, the market every other week, the food and wine festival the other weekend and this cupcake sale this past weekend, my nights have become a continuously flowing stream of batter. I’ve been running on 4-5hrs sleep daily for quite some time now and i’d like a little more. BUT, I’ve learned a lot about my time management, pre-planning and scheduling skills. I kinda rocked those this month and i’m patting myself on the back for it. But what i’ve also learned – and this is where i get frank – I Hate Cupcakes.

Yeah i said it! I’m a caker, a baker, a cake lady, a purveyor of perfect pastries, and i hate cupcakes. I don’t use the word Hate lightly. It’s a very heavy word with overwhelming implications, but when i do use it, i’ve thought it through. I Hate Cupcakes.

I didn’t care for them before simply because of my thing about frosting and decorating. A cupcake is barely two bites, but there’s enough frosting and crap on it to send you into a diabetic coma without even tasting the cake. Most cupcakes i’ve seen might as well be paper cups full of frosting, sprinkles and candy… But i pushed past my disdain and jumped into doing this $1 Cupcake Sale as a fundraiser for my church’s backpack giveaway. Porsha Kimble, aka Your Cake Diva, has a proven method for making a quick stack of cash doing this, so i knew it would be successful for raising money. Initially, I wanted to do it for myself, you know, to get some things paid up or off. But i knew we needed money for backpacks and supplies, so that inner altruist cleared her throat and said, “hey, do it for the kids…” and i couldn’t say no. Especially since she whispered it during church during announcements… So i pressed ahead, announced this grand endeavor and starting taking orders. I saw post after post of folks making 1000 cupcakes on this program and it made my brain hurt. That would be great, i thought, but there’s no way in hell i could fulfill that! So imagine my joy when at the end of the pre-order period i had just hit over two dozen orders.

As i jumped into whipping up batter and filling cups,


Only making 2 dozen at a time made the process drag, especially when the batter makes 6 and the oven fits 4. Scoop, drip one, drip two. Scoop, drip one, drip two. Rinse and repeat. A million times… I’m actually very glad i didn’t have a hundred orders! I’d have lost my mind!


So Wednesday night, i baked 150 cupcakes. Thursday night i poked and dressed 108 and


If you had them and you loved them, here is the recipe. If you didn’t get to try them but you’d like to, here is the recipe. If you’ve never made a cupcake in your life, but you wanna, here’s the recipe. I love you, here’s the recipe:

1 box white cake mix, mix according to directions

1 3oz box fruit flavored gelatin dessert

1 cup boiling water

Line cupcake pans, fill halfway to create 36 cupcakes. Bake according to box instructions. As cupcakes are cooling, poke 6-9 holes in the top with a chopstick (normally you’d use a wooden handled spoon for a cake, but that would be too big).

Mix gelatin with boiling water to dissolve, then let it cool (do not chill) while the cupcakes cool. I transferred it to a squirt bottle for ease of application, but do what works for you! Just make sure it’s cool enough to handle first. i failed to do that little step…

Once cool, carefully pour the flavor over the cupcake, making sure to drip down each hole. Frost with your choice of frosting (I used BC Whipped Cream Cheese flavor) and enjoy!

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