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Fall is for Rising!

October is next week.

Next week.

It’s almost October…

My disbelief comes not from how quickly the year has flown by, though it has, but from knowing I’ve got a full calendar for the first time in my company history and i’m at the threshold of having to fulfill it!

I’ve got a cornucopia of charitable events coming up. It feels good knowing I can contribute to so many worthy causes. I’ve been blessed, so I’m being a blessing! Let’s take a look at what’s going on!

Oct 3: UCI Farmers Market, 10a-2p

Lemon Drop mini

On this week’s menu, we’ll be saying goodbye to Summertime (strawberry peach Pink Slipper), and welcoming a cuddly new Pink friend in Banana Spice! On the Red side of the table, Choconut (dark chocolate, caramel, coconut and coconut rum) leads the pack. Lemon Drop returns to the fold while Caddy will make a final appearance. We’ll also see the debut of Cinnamon Crunch – vanilla cake swirled with cinnamon vodka, covered in extra messy, extra tasty cinnamon brown sugar! I’d love to see a sell out!

Oct 14: Westside Food & Wine Festival, Fall Edition

Westside Food and Wine Oct 14 one page flyer

It seems like it was just yesterday I set up my very first fully dressed party table… But would you believe it was actually two months ago?! Well we’re at it again, this time giving back to Westside Food Bank! Click the pic to get to the Eventbrite post to buy tickets. My display this time will feature more Fall/Winter themed flavors. Come check them out!

Oct 20: Tree Planting Day!

Dropping off 100 tree-themed cupcakes (yep, i’m doing that…) for my Church of Latter Day Saints family as they help dig dirt and plant 100 new street trees to honor the late Fire Captain Otis Reid in the AOC7 community (East end of CambodiaTown in Long Beach). For more information about this event, contact the Long Beach Housing & Neighborhood Services Bureau at (562) 570-6866. RSC is honored to be a part of this event!

Oct 20: Operation ReachBack Golf Tournament Kick-off Dinner

I am honored to provide the dessert table for the pre-tourney dinner for this amazing organization and it’s participants. Operation ReachBack is a Community Service Organization working to support and foster research improvement projects in the Black Communities, offering scholarships toward higher education, facilitating role models to inspire others, and promoting professional development through networking. RSC’s dessert table will be the topper of the evening! Click the pic to learn more and buy in!

Oct 27: Children Striving Together Masquerade Gala

Another incredible organization doing incredible things for the children in our community! CST’s goal is to help at-risk children and the children in the community realize that their struggles and obstacles don’t have to determine their life, but that they can overcome adversity with help and hard work. RSC will be among a handful of vendors sponsoring, and being supported by, this black tie event. I’ll be providing an interactive dessert display this time! Every dessert will be unique to each guest – just like my full sized caketails! One more time, click the pic for more info and tickets!


That’s it; as if that’s not enough! This is what I will be doing for the entire month. I will do my very best to fit in your individual orders as well, but please make sure I have ample notice.

Now, what would put me at ease going into all of this is if i knew for certain my baby, my Lola, my car was in perfect working condition. Right now she sits with a seized up engine, waiting for her new one. If you can help, please click this link to get to my Facebook Fundraiser to get Lola a New Heart. I would truly appreciate your assistance so i can continue to be of assistance to others.

Thank you and God Bless!

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