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Get Sprung! Springed? Springeded?

Groundhog, schmoundhog… This is Southern California and we don’t do seasons! It’ll be winter, spring and summer all in one week and we roll right along with it. Only in SoCal can you wear flip flops with a sweater, shorts with Uggs, or scarves and woolly caps with tank tops. Yeah we do. Don’t hate.

So when folks say “Spring is Coming” we say, “Umm, ok…”, because it’s already been here, gone and come back as far as we’re concerned. That’s why i’m excited to roll out our Spring Feature Flavors menu now, even though Phil said spring is another 3 weeks away…


Feature Flavored cakes will be kicked up a notch from my Red and Pink menu favorites. Be it a little richer batter, an extended combination of premium spirits or special additional ingredients, you’ll notice the difference in these upgraded lovlies right away. They will all be available for $5 more than menu price at any size. Let me introduce you to the ladies:

(Disclaimer: for St. Paddy’s day, i refuse to be trite and offer minty cakes. Unless you absolutely must have it, that is. Then i’ll be trite for you, under duress. Because i love you, because i have half a bottle of creme de menthe in stock, and because i want you to be happy. And if you’re really feeling your Irish, i can color the icing green like i did last year. Under duress…)


Maeve’s Kiss – Maeve is an Irish ladies’ name meaning “Intoxicating or Beguiling”. This describes her perfectly! My extra moist Chocolate Fudge cake blends perfectly with the rich, deep flavor of Guinness Stout. I then baste her in Bailey’s Irish Creme and dress her in a creamy Bailey’s icing.

Bailey’s Eyes – If cake had eyes, hers would be Emerald Isle green. The distinctive flavors and quality of Bailey’s and oak-aged Jameson whiskey stand out magically over this creamy vanilla cake. Bailey goes in, Jameson goes on, your eyes roll back. I’m happy.

Laurie’s Lily – My dear, beautiful friend Laurie graciously contributed to my kickstarter campaign, earning a spot on my Featured Flavors list! Spring was the perfect time to introduce her combination of velvety smooth white chocolate with the bright pop of lemon. This pristine beauty, made with premium Godiva White Chocolate pudding and the most amazing homemade lemon curd from Custom Sweetz is a Pink Slipper, but is also available in Red with Absolut Vodka (suggested to maintain color and flavor).

Crooked Carrot – It’s Easter! Of course you’ll need a carrot cake chock full of freshly grated carrots, chunky pineapples, toasted pecans

Crooked Carrot

and rum soaked raisins (all of which are optional, but why not indulge?). With a generous swirl and basting of Oakheart Rum and fluffy cream cheese frosting you’ll be singing praises! He may be Risen, but you’ll sink into this one…

Southern Belle – Have you met Carrot’s Louisianian cousin, Hummingbird? Extra moist with fresh banana, pineapple, cinnamon and pecans, this pretty lady will make you swoon. If she doesn’t, the Southern Comfort whiskey, Fireball cinnamon whiskey and spiced Oakheart rum sure will! She’ll be dressed in a lace of buttercream icing. Too pretty for words… and a bit more at $10 over menu. But definitely worth it!

Mom’s Turtle – My mother requested this particular combination last Easter, so i dedicate this to her this Mother’s Day. Triple Chocolate

Mom's Turtle

pudding cake is drenched in real butter vanilla caramel and topped with toasted pecan bits. Also a Pink Slipper, she can be upgraded to Red with caramel liqueur. Pretty sure your mom will love this as much as mine does!

So there you go! Not just the premier of my Upgraded Feature Flavors menu, but a bevy of beauties to tantalize your senses. Be as bad as you wanna be and order several of them. I mean, you’ll have the occasion to eat/share/or not share them all, right? Pop over to my order page and let’s get you sprung!

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