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Gift Giving Made Tasty!!


So many people, so few gift ideas!! Until now…

Be the hero this Christmas/Channukah/Non-Denominational Holiday Season and give everyone the Joy of Cake!  You choose the design and the amount of the gift certificate, I’ll email the pdf to you and you can either e-send it to your giftee or print it to envelope.

Just imagine their faces when they see what you bought… Their tears of joy as they click on the webpage… The puddles of drool as they scroll the menus… You, YOU can bring them that joy!!

Let’s Talk… In the Notes field, let me know how much you’d like the certificate for and which design #1, #2 or #3. If you’re sending it to someone outside of California, consider including shipping in the amount you purchase. Otherwise, let them know it’s $14 extra.

Here’s the fine print:

This certificate entitles the holder to spend up to the face value of the certificate on the Caketail/Pink Slipper of their choice, as well as shipping if needed.  If the total order amount exceeds the value, the holder is responsible for the balance. If the value of the certificate is greater than the order, balance will be applied as a credit, no change given.  Each certificate has a unique code, so it is neither reusable nor can be duplicated. Certificate has no cash value. Thank You and Enjoy!

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