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Hamster Brain


I pride myself in being a very linear person. There is a direct and, for the most part, straight line between Points A and B and i prefer to get there in the least complicated way possible.  That’s how i plan, that’s how i prefer to execute, that’s my goal in succeeding. A to B.

Life and my brain, however, like to meander through all possible permutations of how to get from A to B. Sometimes there’s an A.2 or A 3/4, or pre-B, pre-B.4, an octopus, gerrymandering, Latin conjugations or a doctoral thesis on the hyper-alienation of indigenous plants that gets in the middle. You know the story of Moses and the Hebrews traveling to Canaan, right? It was a 3-day walk, THREE DAYS as the crow flies, but instead they wandered aimlessly for forty years (not gonna say anything about men and asking directions).  I don’t know if I would have been able to hold my tongue, “It’s RIGHT THERE! Moses, seriously, look! It’s right flipping there! Aaron, AARON, why are we turning? Where are we going? Are you serious? WTH?” There would have been a lot of gnashing of teeth and rending of garments…

But i digress. And prove my point simultaneously. I had a plan with this post, to talk about keeping on task and accomplishing goals. Setting sites and hitting the target. Minimizing your work, effectiveness vs efficiency (Being effective is giving a man a fish, while being efficient is teaching him how to fish) and all that jazz, but instead wandered through the wilderness for a paragraph. So let’s get back to task. Set goals, make plans, shoot for the mark. Remember this, it’s important.

There was more, but now i’ve lost track…

So anyway… One of my goals was both accomplished and reset in this last two weeks. I was picked up by a restaurant, added to their menu, listed on their very popular GrubHub site and then the relationship promptly dissolved. It was an amazing, exhilarating and enlightening whirlwind of a ride! One which i will do again, but with better preparation and planning next time. Why did it dissolve so quickly? My idea of A to B was not in sync with theirs and for a venture to work, all parties have to be on the same page. Or at very least, in the same chapter of the same book. Next time, I’ll lay out my plan, perhaps more clearly this time, and take my time presenting my goals. I will listen to their methodology and see where we sync and how we can resolve what is out of sync before launching.  Be Linear.

This weekend i am planning to hit up several local coffee spot/lounges in my area. Planning what to make, how to present it, how to spin my spiel in the most succinct and efficient way possible, all in the short timeline i’ve given myself is a daunting task. But I find that if i give myself too much leeway, too much rope… you know the rest. So I stick to short goals.  Accomplishing something with this short goal (putting a bug in an ear or two) will lead to accomplishing a longer-term goal (landing a couple local weekly gigs). Completing that goal will bring me closer to my ultimate goal: full-time baking/ working from home/ being able to workout regularly again/ losing the jiggle/ get off the diabetic borderline/ relaxing/ enjoy the fruits of my labor (lofty goal much?) Did you see the line though? A: weekend campaign, B: weekly orders, C: Self-sustaining. Now, attacking and accomplishing it!

So wait, what’s a hamster brain? You know when

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