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Hello Newvember…

I’ve been busy.

I mean like, everyday I’m hustling busy.

Let’s run through the things I managed to manifest (read: God gave me the power to accomplish) in the last 30 days or so:

  1. Created and launched Red Shoe’s Closet – an online merch store featuring cake-centric graphics on comfy clothes.

  2. Created and launched the restaurant side of RSC2 where you can now click and buy 18 awesome cake flavors – 6 Signature, 6 Top Shelf and 6 Seasonal.

  3. Updated my website to encompass both of those advances.

  4. Published my first book – Anthology: The Anatomy of Infidelity. It is a compilation of 20 short stories, dialogs and vignettes navigating the world of affairs. (It’s Grownfolks stuff…)

  5. Fell asleep before 1am a couple times.

October was one crazy month! I hope you saw a number of these things come to fruition as they happened. It was kind of like trying to watch an Amtrak whiz by at 90mph, but hopefully you caught some of it.

So what’s going on in November? Oh you know, the usual…

  1. Design and post new holiday graphics. These awesome tees and hoodies won’t make themselves, you know!

  2. Pull together not just a seasonal menu, but a Party Platter from it to light up your holiday tables!

  3. Reevaluate and strategize how to increase the multiple streams of income i’ve gotten myself into.

  4. Prepare for my husband’s birthday, Thanksgiving and my birthday, which all fall within two weeks of each other, with Christmas hot on their tails.

  5. Stay sane somehow.

I’m sleighing the game on 1 – 4, but i think i’m pulling dead weight on #5

You know that story, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? Where one little action leads to a long string of related, and not so related, subsequent actions? And most of those actions are left incomplete and making quite a mess? Despite my recent accomplishments, that’s how my life has been going. Like right now, I was hopping on here not to finish this blog, but to tweak something on my site. But am i doing that? Nooooo…. But i will. In just a second…

There are enough links in this blog to make a dope rope chain. You know, the one LL used to wear back in the day… Mama said knock you out! I’m gonna knock you out! Wait, what were we talking about? Cookies. I think. No, cake. Desserts. Holidays? Hold on, i’m gonna go back and read this again…

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