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I had the pleasure of participating in another Network N’ Chill event the other weekend. The first one we did last November was a new experience for me in that, unlike the farmer’s markets, the event was really more about the networking with other vendors than walk-up customers. Customers were there in numbers, but the real connections were with the vendors.

It was an awesome opportunity to meet, commune and learn what other entrepreneurs are out there doing. And let me tell you, The Hustle is Strong! I met those who handmade jewelry, crafted oils, soaps and other toiletries, created amazing mixed drinks, designed wigs, branded and designed clothing… All sorts of creatives! What i loved most about it though, was the vibe. Everyone was there to commune and relax. There was no (visible) angst or aggression, no competing for attention, no shade, just irie. (And not just because of the 420 haze in the air. that was a diff story all together…)

The event i did just after that one was supposed to be customer-centric, but there wasn’t much traffic. That organically morphed into a networking event because we had nothing else to do. There i met an awesome tagteam of chakra doctors, a natural oils purveyor, and 420 paraphernalia suppliers… Fun times!

Coming into the current event, i was excited to see these folks again and meet new ones. And i was not disappointed at all! It is so uplifting and empowering to be in the midst of goal setters and go getters! Not a single one of them was selling a shoddy product, a questionable scheme, or relabeled off-market items. There was so much pride and ownership displayed as they spoke of the handcrafting and uniqueness of their wares. Each one had a purpose to their mission, a drive for entrepreneurship, a desire to excel and exceed. It was amazing! Fly with eagles, y’all!

So in response to this overwhelming burst of community encouragement, i’m personally shouting out at least 20 local entrepreneurs this month in my social media. If we don’t promote and lift up our own, who will? Whether they’ve ever bought a cake from me or i’ve ever bought anything from them doesn’t matter. It’s the support of their/our dreams that count! I encourage you to follow both my IG and my FB and learn more about these phenomenal ladies and gentlemen . And support.

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