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I hope you and yours are well in this bizarre time. While i don’t want to validate this nuisance, you have to call a demon by its name to cast it out, so let it be known that i call you out, Covid-19, and cast you back to the pits of hell from which you came. You are not welcome in my home, near my family (CakeFamily included) or friends. I rebuke you and your mutating minions in the name of Jesus! Be gone!

Now that that is out of the way, let’s face facts. I fully realize that cake is a luxury item, non-essential in the grand scheme of things. But we also know how very important a smile, a laugh and a big mouthful of goodness are in uncertain times. While i won’t touch on stress and/or boredom eating, know that I can still provide this happiness for you. There’s a catch though; i can’t deliver or ship them to you. My beloved Lola, my car, never fully recovered from our cross country drive and can barely make it up the block, with no chance of getting out of south Conyers. If in your essentials-only errands you can make it this way, I will gladly have your preordered, prepaid cake ready for you. I can also send them with my husband to work (as long as he remains “essential”) in downtown if you can pick them up from there. Shipping is on hold for now, as the postal service will be bogged down for a while delivering all of those stimulus checks…

The clock hasn’t stopped, the pages of the calendar turn as well, which means there are still birthdays, anniversaries and milestones to celebrate. We can still make plans for events in late summer or fall, like Freedom/End of Quarantine parties… You can buy gift certificates for your loved ones to use when the coast is clear. I’m flexible. I just want you to be happy knowing you’ve still got Red Shoes in your life.

In my downtime, i’ll probably not bake much to conserve ingredients, but i’ll be learning more about running a business and plotting my course towards the future of RSC. I welcome any book, site or webinar suggestions you may have as well as any networking connections you’d like to share. If you haven’t connected to me on LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram, i welcome you to do so. I’m here. We’re all still here. Let’s make the best of it and grow together.

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