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Make it Rain!!

I was having a conversation with a dear sister of mine about order cakes for the upcoming holidays. She said, “I’m just going to start taking orders at work. Just going to walk around and write them all down…”  We laughed about it, but it’s really a brilliant idea!

Earn free cake by filling in the gap for me! If I could walk around your circles all day and talk to folks about my cakes, you know i would. But since I can’t, you can chat them up on my behalf! It usually helps to bring one to the office or family dinner and let everyone try it, but you can show them pictures too. Tell them how goooooooood that last one was (make sure to roll your eyes back or slap something inanimate to drive it home). If you can get 4 cakes ordered and paid, I’ll give you 50% off your next order. 6 gets you 75% and 10 gets you a FREE CAKE!! Free Cake!! Really? How can you pass that up?

(Now let me caveat this by saying bring me orders from people i don’t know. My coworkers, for example, have ordered a lot of cake this past year, but having each one bring in an order for someone who would have ordered on their own doesn’t count or help. ChurchFam, same thing. You can’t count Pastor’s order, he was going to order for himself…)

So you ready to get rocking? Rake in some cake? I’m going to run this promo from Nov 1 through the end of the year. Redeem your earnings along the way or wait till the end and get a cake for next year. Totally up to you! Help me help you help us help them eat some cake!!

All cake flavors are available Red (as listed below) or Pink. Fall and Winter feature flavors include:

Tennessee Cider (Apple Whiskey or Moonshine), Mama’s Cobbler (peach brandy), Crooked Carrot (spiced rum), Comfy Nog (brandy, rum), Champerfecto (cinnamon liqueur), Red Ribbons (chocolate vodka), Ginger Snap (ginger spice whiskey), and White Christmas (creme de menthe, vodka).

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