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My imagination is a greedy mistress…

No matter what it is that’s got my attention, creative thoughts grab hold of my brain and won’t let go until I bring them to fruition.  When i was writing, i would honestly have to stop working and knock out a chapter just to be able to focus on what i was supposed to be doing.  When i’ve got a recipe in my head, i have to have it for dinner or it won’t leave

me alone and nothing else will satisfy.  So i’m experiencing the same thing with these cakes.

At least once a week, i get a new flavor idea in my head. Combining this libation with that flavor… Using this ingredient to make that pop… changing the topping or adding something to it… It doesn’t stop!  In Fall, i introduced four flavors that carried through three months. I brought in four new flavors for February, and now i have two more for March.  Pretty sure I’m going to have two or three more for April. By the looks of it, i’m going to have new flavors every month!  None of them will be permanently discontinued (if you want it, I’ll make it), just not on the menu.

A lot of companies will do promos like this just to keep your interest.  In a way, yes, this kind of rotation is somewhat about keeping me relevant, but more so, it’s to satisfy this mistress.  She’s so greedy! She wants every moment of my attention. She isn’t satisfied with being an afterthought. She wants me to hold her, look into her eyes, her very soul, to make her real and tangible in my life.  And i oblige… despite the time and expense, i have to keep her happy. Because she keeps me happy. And we keep you happy…

So for those of you keeping track:

Fall Flavors: Comfy Nog, Champurfecto, Red Ribbons, Sweet Toddy

February Flavors: Raspberry Kisses, Moonlit Stroll, Pat’s Pie, Dirty Peach (permanently added to menu)

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