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Of Fur & Foliage

(This post was written a couple months ago, I just never published it. It’s still very relevant, so i guess you can read it now. Be blessed, y’all!)

I was awakened at 430a by a pack of wild dogs rushing into my chamber. Initially, I was frightened, but confusion came quickly to it’s side. Why were my dogs out of their room on a day no one in the house needed to be up at this hour doing anything?

My world is leaning on its left leg with 7 toes pointing sideways and the other 6 playing a piano. Nothing makes sense right now. My husband – the perpetual worker bee, the 56 hour work week guy, the come-home-eat-sleep-go back guy – is on Day 4 of resting at home. And it’s very weird. He needs the staycation, but it’s throwing me way off. Normally, he’s up at 430a, and gets ready for work while I catch an additional 45 minutes of snooze. About 515a, I let the dogs out for their morning constitution, then we all pile in the van and drop him at work. I then plunge headlong into the domestic chaos that is my day.

Our days are usually pretty free form, running errands, cleaning, school, cooking, baking, taking walks, you know, being domestic. No structure whatsoever. Hubby’s work schedule wasn’t even consistent, so our afternoon drive into the city wasn’t even a static point of measure. So how does him being home throw everything out of whack? Consider a stream. It flows from A to B all day, everyday, right? It seems pretty consistent in its flow, but if you float a leaf on it, you’ll see it’s kind of erratic. The leaf will go from A to B, but not necessarily in a straight line. Now, take a good sized rock and toss it in the stream. It’s still going to flow A to B, but the rock makes a difference in how it does it. Capisce?

So back to the pack of rabid wolves attacking me this morning… The man didn’t need to be awake, nor did he need to let the dogs out of their room well before of their usual time, and certainly not at 430a on a sleep-in day. He knows they beeline straight to me when I’ve been out of sight any more than 30 seconds, so I was at a loss to understand the whole situation. When I asked him, I got a few seconds of incoherent mumbling and a shrugged shoulder. Incidentally, it’s now 640a and they are all fast asleep in the living room while I’m wide awake blogging in bed. But that’s how it works, isn’t it?

It’s now 922p. I’ve been on the move almost the entire day, save a much needed 45 minute nap. Made a pretty awesome dinner and now i sit to finish chatting with you. Initially, there was a point i was going to get to, let’s see if i can find it again…

Oh yeah, you gotta learn how to roll with the punches. Life is so dynamic, planning can be pretty useless. i mean, it’s 2020; dynamic has been an understatement. I came into this new chapter of life with YUGE plans. I was going to do this, that and the other, bam bam bam and get soaring! Well, when this didn’t happen because that happened, it pushed me a little. Then when that didn’t happen because the other happened, i was thrown for a loop. And that bam bam bam? Left cross, right jab and an upper cut! And she’s down for the count! Snoring instead of Soaring… But guess what i did?

I got up!

I rolled with all of those punches and am here to tell you about it! God is good, amirite? It’s sooooo easy to just roll over rather than roll with. This pandemic lockdown, restrictive living, quarantine status has got so many people just throwing their hands up and giving up, but you can’t. This is our new norm. This is what we have now, so this is what we have to work with. There are still things we can do, places we can go and people we can see. Just modified. It may seem difficult, if not impossible, to navigate, but be the leaf! Just flow! There’s a boulder in your path, but you know what? Point B is still right there. It hasn’t changed, it’s just waiting for you to get there. Float on!

As for those snarling, vicious, blood thirsty werewolves, you can see for yourself why i feared for my life…

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