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Set ‘Em Up, Joe

So my latest study material is the definitive collection of spirits, stories and recipes in The Bartender’s Bible. A very interesting read at 655 pdf pages long… (Now granted, each page only has about 10 lines of text on it and most of the pages are recipes, but still, 655 sounds daunting.) But it has been a very interesting read! I’m learning all about the nuances of the various alcohols, like the differences between whiskey, scotch (single v blended) and bourbon; the story behind some of the world’s most popular cocktails and all sorts of eye opening recipes. This is fascinating!


For a long time on my site homepage it said, “Grab a fork and a barstool, it’s about to get real!” That’s how i want you to feel when you engage with me. I want to be your bartender. I want you to feel you can sit and relax with me, enjoy my wares, stay a while. I’m not just a purveyor of fine pastries, I’m a person. I’m a listener. I’m a conversationalist. I know my job is to make you a cake, but my business is to invest in your happiness. Now, i don’t need to know aaalllll your business, but i am here to listen. Imagine me behind the bar, but wiping out pans instead of glasses… I’ll gladly give you one for your baby, and one more for the road.


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