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So there’s this list… of lists…

Two down, two to go. Another town and one more show…

Not exactly the lyrics to Yes’ “Leave It”, but close enough. The expo last Saturday (just like the last) was a great learning experience, networking event and opportunity to hone my processes. Not a huge customer turnout – I sold about half of my inventory – but i connected with a lot of awesome local small businesses.  And the customers that did show up were excited to win prizes from my raffle! Win Win all the way around!


I’m starting to feel “in my groove” folks. I’m actually feeling this is a thing i can do on a regular basis, not just a love and a hobby. Seeing my ability catch up to my aspiration was inspiring! I can think it, i can plan it, and now i know for a fact that I CAN DO IT!

(sometimes you have to be your own hype man. seriously, if you don’t, you can’t expect anyone else to do it either!)

So i tell you to dream your dreams, make your plans, write your lists, build your board, believe in yourself then get out there and do it!

Next up: Finishing the proposal, pulling together a guest list, finalizing the menu and working out the logistics of the Tasting & Launch Party. This one here is a doozy! I’ve got lists everywhere!

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