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So yeah…

Going off the cuff with this one…

I’m all about planning, prepping, timelining, organizing and yadda yadda, but not today. I saw that i haven’t written to you in almost a month, despite the dizzying array of events swirling around me, so i’m putting pixel to page to purge. You ready? You sure? ok.

Last we spoke, i was shouting in my spirit about my cup being empty, right? Well folks, the water is bubbling!  I still haven’t heard from my Wendy’s angel, but that’s ok because i know she’s still out there and hasn’t forgotten me. But in the meantime, I picked up not one, but TWO restaurants that are selling the heck out of my cakes!  Linden Public on the corner of Linden and Broadway in East Village Long Beach carries two rotating flavors (this week, Lemon Drop and Caramel Royale*), and Callaloo Caribbean Kitchen on Anaheim in LB has a specialty cake, Island Love^, that they keep on the counter to entice the patrons. They aren’t big orders, but they’re better than no orders! Plus i’ve got a bug in the ear of a couple other spots. Hopefully I can snag them before the new year! #visionboardwin

Even though my campaign tanked, a few of my sponsors still honored their pledges. I didn’t get the full $1k pledged, but what was donated to me purchased my new car signs and brochures, resupplied my packaging boxes and cake mixes, and purchased a near full bar of large bottle alcohols. My collection is pretty awesome right now! I have so much new stuff i need a new cabinet to fit it all! #runnethover

And then there’s the Fall menu. Maaaannn… I tell you what! I’m going to go into a diabetic coma test baking all of this! And yes, i do have to eat try every single one of them to make sure they’re up to par.  I can’t deliver less than the best, now can i?  Despite not getting my ginger whiskey, i put together an awesome mix of autumnal flavors to tickle your palate. Cider to eggnog, peppermint to carrot, i’ve got you covered.

Sipps!!! I gotta tell you about the babies! Sipps are cake balls made of your favorite RSC flavors, Red or Pink. Handcrafted and painstakingly made to order, Sipps are a great way to wow your guests at your next holiday party. $25/dozen, 2 flavor max per order (though i’d suggest ordering a couple dozen ‘cuz they mysteriously disappear quickly).  My test bake flavors included Lemon Drop, White Christmas, Tennessee Cider and Raspberry Lemonade. They were all a hit! I’m not a huge cake pop fan, so it was imperative to get others’ opinions, and they applauded loudly! Making a set of Red Ribbon and White Christmas for this weekend… You want in? #expanding

Other than that, life has been pretty normal. How about yours?

*Caramel Royale is a lightly spiced, rich vanilla cake swirled with Crown Royal Salted Caramel Whiskey and covered in caramel icing. Made exclusively for Linden Public.

^Island Love is a creamy yellow cake made with coconut milk and filled with pineapple and coconut bits. It’s then topped with a buttery pineapple glaze and toasted coconut shavings. Made exclusively for Callaloo.

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