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The Only thing that stays the same

It’s officially Fall. We’ve crested the autumnal equinox. Leaves have been given the okay to put on their golden frocks and swirl their ways down to earth. Cooler air has graciously escorted sweltering temperatures to other climates. It’s time to dust off the space heaters. It’s Fall, y’all!

Being a native Californian, I always had millions of pictures to show me what Autumn was supposed to look like. But in a coastal/chaparral geographic region, we didn’t have many deciduous trees, so the green ones we had stayed pretty, well, green. And summer heat lasted well into October, then took a very sudden drop into what we would consider a “wintery chill” (aka low-60’s). So basically, we only knew Fall from Kincaid paintings, stock internet photos and clipart graphics our teachers put up on the walls of our classrooms.

Being here in Georgia, I have been in complete awe of how amazing and gorgeous Autumn truly is. I came out here at the tail end of it in 2019. Most of the leaves had fallen and blown away and there was a definite chill in the air. Since everything at that time was wrapped in a giant ball of stress, I can’t say I even noticed the beauty of it. It was just all of a sudden winter. Cold, icy, wet, bleek and problematic. Fall of 2020, on the other hand, was outstanding! From the windows of my home, I could see all the colors of the season all around me. I remember turning off the AC for the remainder of the year. I laughed at the idea of wrestling the couch blankets out of the bottom of the closet. I even pulled the fuzzy socks out of hibernation. But the best part was enjoying it with my youngest daughter who had also spent her whole life in California. Just seeing the looks of amazement in her eyes as we drove through scenery she’d only seen in pictures made everything even more beautiful. There’s a stretch of road between my and my mother-in-law’s house that is an honest to God real life Americana painting that I can’t wait to see in full Fall regalia! She would go nuts if she saw it… I will smother you in pictures once it starts!

The trees in my backyard Oct 2020

I say that to say this, despite everything that has happened in the last year and a half – the seasons rolling through, addresses traveling from West to East and then a tiny bit back westerly, vacillating between working, not working and overworking – the one thing that has stayed constant is change. Every single thing in my life has changed in the last two years. My husband is still my husband, and my children are still my children, but they are no more the same people they were two years ago than I am. Change is continual and comforting.

So what are my new changes? I got my LLC and my EIN (letters from the gub’ment that supposedly validate my business). Woo Hoo!! I’m working on securing my Cottage Food Permit, but things roll a little differently out here than in Cali. And that business license? yeah… a real work in progress. #bureacracyisinsanity But rest assured that every bit of my process is in accordance with or exceeding all food safety guidelines. Not just because i have a screenshot that says so, but because i care about you.

On a tastier note, i’ve introduced my Taste & See Box Set! Five flavors, five styles of dessert all in one sampler set! Just in time to start planning your holiday dessert tables… How coincidental! [wink wink]. I haven’t decided which flavors i’m going with, but they’ll be inline with Fall for sure.

And last but certainly not least, my merch store – Red Shoe’s Closet – is open for viewing and will be available for orders shortly! I encourage you to go take a peak around and make a list of what you want! Just in time to get started on your Christmas shopping… How coincidental! [wink wink wink]

I can’t even begin to imagine the next changes God has in store for me, my family and RSC! Just like the leaves, i know it’ll be spectacular!

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