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Told you i was certifiable…

So what’s new with you? New home? Job? Car? Dress with pockets? I know you have something totally cool you want to tell me about… Please do! I’d love to hear from you!

Me? Oh you know, the usual. Got a job (Walmart Personal Shopper), bought some clothes for said job (w/pockets), got my hair braided, started an RSC TikTok page, and CREATED ANOTHER DOGGONE REVENUE STREAM!

Meet the newest ServSafe Certified Instructor & Proctor as recognized by the National Restaurant Association — Me!

(I hear you humming “Hot for Teacher”… Cut it out.)

What does this mean? It means that not only have I passed the Food Management Safety Exam, but I have also satisfied the additional requirements to both teach the course and administer the exam for others. And now that the NRA is permitting everything to be done via Zoom, this keeps all of us protected and also gives me the range to instruct and proctor all over the US!

So all of you in the food industry, whether self-employed or otherwise, give me a call and let’s get you certified! I can teach one on one, or cover your whole staff at one time. Prices will vary, see me for details.

And this TikTok thing… It was my children’s fault. They insisted that i get on there to push cakes, as if Instagram, Facebook, Yelp and LinkedIn weren’t enough platforms… But it has stretched me in new directions in terms of showcasing my creations. I’m doing a lot more in video instead of still shots and being more creative in building these posts. You really should come follow me. It’s kinda fun! I’ve also created a Google My Business page. So far, it kinda seems like another Yelp-type of page, but it’s Google, which will give me greater exposure. But go jump on that too. A review there would be great! Thank you!

Last thing, clothes with no pockets. I love pockets, but my merch is pocketless. Sigh… Or at least until i stock hoodies (which will be soon). I’m having shirts, leggings, hats, masks and aprons printed/embroidered by Mauri of Media Kreation Graphic Designs out of Forest Park, GA. This guy is not only a big name in print in our area, he’s an amazing soul! You know when you connect with someone who shares the same level of passion for their craft as you do, you know everything is going to go spectacularly? Yeah, that’s this guy. I’m so excited to bring you guys my line of merchandise! I know you’ll love it!

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