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Trying not to lose my mind…

You ever get to that point where all of the projects in your head start to run together, short circuit your brain and start seeping out your ears? No matter how organized you keep things? I’ve got 4 different, rather large and time consuming projects going at the same time, all for RSC, and one other waiting in the wings.  As i mentioned in my last blog, i have big plans and these projects are going to get me going in that direction!

  1. This Saturday, July 29, I will be participating in the Complete Woman’s Conference at New True Faith MBC, 1226 E. 149th St, Compton, CA, 10a-5p.  I, along with several dozen others, will have a booth with a metric ton of cake to sell.  Come out and support not just RSC, but several other female entrepreneurs from the LA area.  There will also be 2 other days of praise, worship and fellowship. Make it a great weekend!

  2. At this conference, I will be raffling off RSC apparel, gift certificates and cake! Earn tickets by buying slices, ordering cake, and interacting on social media. I appreciate your help in growing this business!

  3. I’m putting together a Kickstarter campaign to cull some start-up capital so i can get RSC out there. There’s a lot that goes into this campaign, so it’s keeping me pretty busy. I’ll be launching sometime next month, so keep your eyes peeled! (that’s such a gross sounding phrase…)

  4. For the campaign, i’m planning a launch party/tasting. Nothing huge, but it’s going to be nice. Let me know if you’d be interested in joining me.

On top of all of this, i keep running across and making up recipe ideas! Remember that blog about the greedy mistress, yeah, she’s still lurking in the back corners of my mind. Every time i see a new cocktail, i begin formulating a new recipe (currently working on turning Hippie Juice into a late summer feature flavor) and trying to time where it will go in the line up. All Limited Edition feature flavors are available year round, not just the month that it’s introduced. Regardless of its time in the spotlight, if a flavor strikes your fancy past its date, just let me know. I’m flexible like that!

Speaking of, here’s the latest run down of LE flavors (in no particular order other than my Swiss Cheese memory):

Moonlit Stroll, Raspberry Kisses, Bailey’s Eyes, Maeve’s Kiss, X’s & Ohhs, Jubilee, Primadonna, Strawberry Lemonade, Turtle/Toasted Turtle, Eggnog, Champurfecto, Sweet Toddy and Red Ribbons. (On deck: Hippie Juice, Mojito, Cuba Libre and Crooked Carrot) Soon, there will be more off menu than on!

And remember, all flavors are available both Red Shoe and Pink Slipper.

Now, back into the asylum i go…  do dee do dee do dee doooooo….

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