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Watch This…

I come from a long line of preachers, teachers and orators. I am none of these. But sometimes God delivers a message from the most unlikely source. Like a lady who pours liquor in a cake and convinces you it’s perfectly ok to indulge…

So you’ve seen how business is growing, right? New projects, clients and events left and right! Well in the midst of it all, my computer died. My little powerhouse laptop/tablet decided it didn’t want to start up anymore. It was tragic because i had soooooo much stuff on it that i couldn’t get back or replicate, and i hadn’t backed it up!  So my husband took it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy. They looked at this, flipped that, listened to this and told him, “There’s nothing we can do. Best bet is to take it apart, hard reset and wipe it clean. For $100.” He knew that wasn’t what i wanted, so he brought me back my computer.

He searched for someone who would be able to somehow pull my data off and then reset it, but he couldn’t find anyone. As a last ditch effort, i brought it to my IT guy at work. He took it, played around with it and just before lunch told me, “Yeah, they were right. It’s pretty much a lost cause. I don’t think it can be fixed.” My heart sank. I was working on a very large PowerPoint-to-video project that i couldn’t replicate if i wanted to. I had just started writing a new book. All my pictures, files, the other novels i’d been working on for years… all would be lost. Then it was going to cost me a note just to lose everything! I went to lunch downhearted.

As i was headed back to my desk an hour later, he came around the corner with my computer. I sighed. He said, “So, like i said, it doesn’t look like it can be fixed. But… That didn’t mean i was going to stop trying.” My eyes went wide as saucers. “It’s working.” Against all company protocol, i dropped everything on my desk and hugged him with all my might! If i could have kissed him without getting written up, i would have! Then he explained in perfect Geekese what was the problem and what he did to fix it (i’m proficient, but not fluent, in Geekese, btw). Translated into non-Geekese, he said the glitch was the computer trying to fix itself on start-up and being unsuccessful at it, so it stalled in a loop. So he changed the way it started up to bypass the glitch, making it think the glitch was the wrong way and ignoring it. So i started her up and there was all of my stuff! All of my files, all of my data, my bookmarks and everything were safe and sound!

Now watch this — you are that computer. You are chock full of stuff and things and valuables, but sometimes you get in your own way trying to fix yourself. You get so caught up in trying to DIY your life, you stall. You crash. You put yourself on the verge of losing everything you’ve worked for. You become stagnant. The world looks at you and says, “There’s no fixing that. She’s a lost cause.” But God… HA! God looks at your situation and says, “Yeah, i can see how this looks like a dead end. No one on Earth can fix this mess. But I’m not going to stop trying. She can be fixed!”

Then what does He do? He gets into your mind, deep down in your spirit and he tweeks the way you start up. He gets into your inner psyche and reminds you of who you really are, WHO’S you really are and how you’re supposed to work. He redirects you around your own version of “fixing” and shows you the right way to get through. And Then!!!! Check this, not only does He get you going the right way, not only does He erase your mistake, He gives you all your stuff back! He gives you the opportunity to secure what you have (back it up!) so that you can use it according to His will. So now every time you touch something you were just about to lose, you remember and Thank Him! That’s giving Him His Glory! Every time you think about how much you were about to lose — your time, your work, your money, your sanity — you Thank Him because He saved it all! He saved you not just from being erased, He saved you from yourself! You asked the world’s “experts” and they couldn’t help you. But as a last-ditch effort (when it should have been your first), you went to Him. Look at God!!!

Now, let’s step outside this story and go back to the start. I’m not an exhorter and my situation was rather plebeian. But this message is all HIM. He can take any situation and any person and deliver His message of salvation to the masses. He will speak to you however you need to be spoken to. Even through a computer glitch. HA!

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