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Will He, Won’t He?

It’s been too long, i know. Charge it to my head, not my heart as I’ve been extremely busy preparing for and executing this cross country move. I’m excited and blessed to say i am firmly on Georgia red clay and figuring things out one minute at a time. It’ll still be a little while before RSC East is up and running, but i thought i’d pop in and share some thoughts with you in the meantime.

I started this post to tell you all about my amazing cross-country adventure. I’d been working on it for several hours when i realized it was entirely too long to keep anyone’s interest before getting to the meat of the story. So I’m starting over to cut to the chase. It would help if you read the story, but in truth, the details you see aren’t what makes it, it’s the details you don’t see. That’s what this blog is about.

Psalms 107:2 says, “Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom He hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy,” so here i am saying so! The past two weeks have been one issue after another. All we were doing was try to move me and our stuff from California to Georgia. It’s been done millions of times before, so it’s nothing novel or outlandish. This had been in the works for over a year, so no part of it was spontaneous or ill conceived. What it was, however, was sanctioned by God, blessed and in line with His plans for us. Which made us a target.

God’s version and my version of my life are rarely on the same page. He is omniscient and omnipotent and i’m human, aka none of the above. He sent many messages to me that moving would be the beginning of a great work, that i would bring something personally and business-wise to the area that no one has seen before, and that my family and i would prosper greatly. But none of it was for me, it was all for His Glory. That humbled and excited me to no end! I was given a servant’s assignment and knew i had to do what i had to do to get to Georgia to complete it.

But we also know that the enemy sees and hears quite a great deal himself. Remember in Job when it said he was walking around and invited himself into a conversation between God and the sons of God? So he exists in a realm where he is privy to information. Don’t ever think the devil doesn’t know what God has planned for you. He takes it as a personal challenge! He makes it a mission to interfere, destroy and crush whatever you are doing in an effort to dissuade you from God’s plan and your victory. Not today!

At every turn of this move, that dude stepped in. And every time he put his foot on our coattail, we called on God and snatched it back. Oh i give it to him, he tried with all his tiny heart to convince us that this move would fail, that our marriage would weaken, that this whole concept was ill-fated. But it was our strength and confidence in God that kept us going. He tried to attack our finances; we bobbed. He tried to attack our timeline; we weaved. He tried to attack our transportation; he got a left hook. He tried to attack our health; he got an uppercut! We landed on solid ground, in one piece and smiling! Talk about a knockout!

What was most profound to us though, was seeing after the fact what each of our delays was put there for. If we had left with the trailer we had intended, we would have destroyed my car’s transmission before we even left Long Beach. If we hadn’t gone to the mechanic the last time before leaving, the bearings could have failed and we could have had a catastrophic accident driving through the mountains that first night. If we had left earlier in the morning from El Paso, we might have made it out of town before the catalytic converter completely failed and left us on the roadside in the Texas flatlands rather than in 3 miles from the best mechanic in the city. If the money to pay the mechanic was available sooner, we wouldn’t have been anywhere near a hospital when my husband needed medical attention. If we didn’t oversleep in Jackson, we would have been home when a family situation broke out and surely it would have escalated far out of control. So many If’s… If i didn’t believe before, i know for a fact now that God sees all of the angles and situations ahead of us. He protects us from hurt, harm and danger in ways we don’t understand. It frustrates us humans to no end, but He knows exactly what He’s doing! It is on us to trust, believe and follow, not to understand.

The gems in this journey were even more amazing. Each person we connected with had a profound impact on us as we did on them. My aura is very open, welcoming and comforting. People tend to open up to me freely and take harbor in my calming energy. I’m not one for dealing with emotions, but i accept that people – complete strangers even – find solace in me enough to share theirs. My husband’s energy is even stronger than mine, so when people connect with us, we bond. This is why the mechanics in El Paso are family now. That’s why the waitress in Jackson was healed from heartache after sharing a very personal story with us. That’s why when he walked into the last hotel, the front desk agent gave my husband whatever he asked for as soon as he smiled at her. And each time, we shared our love of God and His amazing mercy with them. Like i said, none of this was for us; it was all for His Glory!

Several times on our travels, we were told that there had to be something incredible in store for us if the devil was working this hard to stop us. I believe it, i receive it and i revel in it! There’s more in store and i welcome you to join me on the ride!

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