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You know how those info grabbing sites can search your facebook and tell you which words you use most often? (btw, stay off those quizzes! they’re harvesting info to be able to set up accounts in your name with your true info…) Well, if there was one of those for everyday life, it would tell me my most used words are God and Ha! Ha? Yes, Ha! Because of God.  Go ahead and get your church fans out cuz it’s Testimony Time!!!!!

I’ve quoted you that poem “Drinking from my Saucer”, right? My cup has runneth over, so my blessings are spilling into my saucer! When God opens up a window, you better watch out! I asked God to enlarge my territory, to grow my business, to help me become self-sufficient… When i say, “Won’t He do it?” I mean it!

I wanted to get into farmers’ markets and festivals last year, so i jumped on the first opportunity blowing, the LB Unity Festival. Come to find, i wasn’t prepared, even though i thought i was. But i learned from it. Armed with that experience and knowledge, i headed into the next event. The booth i did for the Complete Woman’s Conference was better put together, and the prep was much smoother, but attendance was low, so i still couldn’t judge sales or establish a sales rhythm.  Beginning of this year, i took a baking business course that taught me how to properly price my wares (boy was i off!) and surrounded me with other pastry professionals learning, growing and helping each other. More knowledge and encouragement to push farther! Now, a year later, i’ve got this farmers’ market under my belt. See how that worked?

There’s a reason why i didn’t get into any markets last year; God knew i was not ready. He didn’t say No, he said Not Yet… Despite what i thought, I didn’t have my recipes in order, i didn’t have my pricing in order, i didn’t fully understand my Why (my catalyst), i had no idea how to proceed, i didn’t have a goal… I wasn’t ready (“… lean not on your own understanding, but in all ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”).  There were things i thought i knew, but really had only a partial idea about, so i needed to learn them before i could take the next step (“The way of a fool is right in his own eyes: but he that hearkeneth unto counsel is wise.”). Basically, i was too young for the grown up stuff i wanted to do. So God stretched me for an entire year before He let me peek at my blessing (i see you, Children of Israel…). Some folks He’s stretching longer, some He snapped in place real quick, but i had to see that what is for them is for them, what is for Me is for Me. And while i see my Canaan, i know i can’t go there yet. I still have growing to do!

But let me tell you what He’s done!!

  1. I stopped by Linden Public for Taco Tuesday a couple weeks ago, and Matt told me about Taste of Downtown Long Beach April 25 & 26. So i applied. Initially, they accepted my application, then realized i’m not an actual restaurant (technicalities…). So that i wouldn’t miss out on the exposure, LP will offer my Nibbles as part of their Taste menu!! First Ha!

  2. Back in March, my church sister gave me the info for the farmers’ market at her job. I contacted the coordinator, and while that market was full, she had another one open.  April 4th, i participated at the UCI market for the first time. It was amazing! Two weeks later, we were back with even more cake, even more smiles and even more drive and enthusiasm! Mind you, i wasn’t supposed to be able to go to that one, but at the last minute, my scheduled opened up and i was there (look at God!). While there, i had the opportunity to speak with a lovely couple about their upcoming wedding. I received an email the next day from the bride inviting me to participate in an upcoming 2-day festival! Anticipated attendance over 3,000!!!! HA! And that’s not just some little ha, that’s a from your chest cuz you feel it all the way down in your spirit HA! I’ll give you more details on the event once i’ve confirmed everything. But just SEEEE how He does things?

  3. Enriched Farms wants me at another market… This one is at Dreamworks studio! Ha! Could i possibly take a day off work every week to fulfill these events in May? Nope, not and keep my job. But Abba sent me a beautiful angel who is ready, willing and more than capable of standing in my stead. And she has helpers eager to learn and grow! She said, “you focus on your baking schedule, the labor is done”.  See how He works? I was all up in myself trying to figure out how to be everywhere, when all i had to do was tap into the resources He’s already given me. (“… may He equip you with all you need for doing His will. May He produce in you, through the power of Jesus Christ, every good thing that is pleasing to Him.”)

  4. Before i could even post this, the script changed… I’m waitlisted for DreamWorks now, but they’re putting me in a SATURDAY market! Holy Smokes!!! Praising God for the overflow!!! (ok, keep reading now.)

My brain just about blew up when i saw “anticipated attendance 2500 – 3500ppl” for this festival. The farmers’ market runs about 1000 and i sell out 9 cakes. What am i bringing to this event? 40? And then i now have five markets between now and then at 10 cakes each…? 90 CAKES IN 28 DAYS!?!?!?! I started to panic, thinking there was no way i could do it, scrambling to figure out how the hell i could bake and freeze and rotate 90 cakes when i barely have space to cool three on my counter! As i was panic-texting Jeriann, He gave me the answer. Calm down, first of all, then realize you can easily do this. Make 2-3 per night, I’ll get you storage. And just like that, calm. comfort. confidence.

God is not going to give you more than you can handle, in trials or in blessings. He knows exactly what you believe you are capable of, but more so, He knows exactly what He has equipped you to accomplish. He knew His plans for your entire life before you saw your first sliver of light! Imagine that!

I’ve so got this… No, He’s so got this.

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