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Busier than a 1-legged man in…

…Well you know the rest of that one.  How’ve you been? Long time no chat! Almost, what, a month now? I hope your holidays were fantabulous and your year has started with a bang! You would be amazed at how much has changed in the past month for me and RSC!!

So about 3.5 weeks ago, i started taking a baking business course on line called Passion to Profit, led by Janelle and Eddie Copeland of The Cake Mamas fame. You know when you think you know something then all of a sudden someone shatters that glass you’ve been looking through? Yeah. That. Shards all over the place! I’m not saying what i have been doing was wrong, not by any means, but the levels i’ve been able to step it up to have been mindblowing! I’ve always been confident in my abilities, my talents, my service,

but these two and the score of women in my class have stretched and pulled and pushed me to new limits.  And you know how the Laws of Attraction work, right? You get what you give. What you put out comes back to you. When praises go up, blessings come down, right? Remember when i said my cup was empty? Well y’all I’m

drinking from my saucer cuz my cup has overflowed!!

My mind is on overdrive. I’m seeing and thinking and planning new ways to make RSC grow and i can’t slow it down! You saw Unstoppable with Denzel and Chris Pine, right?

(Spoiler: Ok, in real life, the train was only going 11mph through a non-metro area, not a whole lot of threat, but in the movie — WOW!! It was like 77mph. Death, destruction and devastation were eminent!)  That million ton train wasn’t stopping for anything until it was good and ready. Yeah, that’s my cerebral cortex right now. But i’m learning how to get my Denzel on and be the hero that flips this plane and lands it spot on in that field without killing anyone. Wait, that’s a different movie…

Anyway, so what’s in the works, you ask? In no particular order: Valentine’s Specials, Cake of the Month, new pricing, new flavors, new creations, new contests, more restaurants, massive upheaval of my residential situation, coursework, growth… You know, the usual.

Valentine's Packaging

As you’ve seen on my home page, i’ve introduced two specials for Vday. Nibbles and Sipps. Little bits of heaven to share with your love or inhale all by yourself (judgement-free zone here). Both are available for $30/doz beautifully wrapped for gift giving. The Sipps flavors are available in full, twin and mini size too, if you so desire. But i mean, how do you turn down adorable little poofs of cake in a decorated box? Come on! Cute factor 100!

Cake of the Month: a case study in euphoric addiction. I cannot condone the cessation of the consumption of alcohol or sugar. I know they’ll kill you in the long run, but damn, is there a sweeter way to go out? I kid, i kid… But for real, here i am being your pusha-man. This club is for the cake purist, the one who loves to savor the flavor, notice the nuances and bask in baked heaven. You choose the plan, i send you cake. Every month. Like clockwork. That way, you don’t suffer cake withdrawals. See, i’m looking out for you! There is no suffrage in cakeage. There’s a whole page on this site dedicated to feeding this addiction, so go check it out (you can check out any time you’d like, but you can never leave…).

Obvs, i’m losing it one brain cell at a time, so let me just gloss over some stuff. I’ve touched several times on the pricing thing, so i won’t go into it. They’ve changed, for the better and allow for better quality ingredients. Only the best for you, my loves!

New flavors!! My main menu is pretty broad, so i’m going to leave it alone for a while. Feature Flavors, on the other hand, are going through the roof!! I keep seeing and being given amazing combinations and drink recipes that i’m chomping at the bit to R&D and share with you! They’re definitely going to be a notch up from my main squeezes, so they’re going to be a little higher priced as well. Trust, they’ll absolutely be worth it! (Did i say White Hennessey outloud?) The rest of that list… well, that freight train of creativity is going to get me in trouble. Not even gonna go into where this is going; we’ll see when we get there.

Alrighty, my cakedarlings, i’m going to skeedaddle because i have a metric ton of stuff to do this evening and need to clear my mental roster to be able to give it my best effort. Pray for me, i’ll pray for you and we’ll all grow in abundance!!

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