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Hilarious Praise

I’m not one to share a whole lot of personal information, so i’ll paraphrase my current situations with a WTF… For my life to be completely upside down right now would be an improvement over the whirlpool spinning that it currently is doing. I can’t see straight, y’all. I could be curled up in a ball on my couch twitching and crying, but i’m not. It wouldn’t be a far stretch, but i can’t afford the breakdown. I could be angry, cussing and fussing at everyone just to release the tension in my shoulders and neck, but to what end? No one else is responsible for my malheur. So what’s my best option? Smile, laugh and keep on (Praise Until Something Happens).

I had an awesomely craptastic weekend. I mean like a real pile of shitake mushrooms with chunky onion gravy. At work, folks would ask the usual ice breaker, “How was your weekend?” I’d smile, laugh a bit and say, “I had an amazingly craptastic weekend! And you?” Most stood stunned, unsure what to respond. I’m not looking for sympathy or condolences, just answering the question honestly. It is what it is!

What’s throwing things out of whack for everyone is that I’m laughing about it. Every stupid thing that happened this past weekend, in retrospect, is laugh-worthy. Hilarious really. I found myself in the most cliche of situations trying to maneuver through them like a bull in a China shop. (Side note: I love Ferdinand… click the pic!)

It wasn’t bad luck because i don’t believe in chance or luck (good or bad). There is no happenstance, and serendipity is merely a neat word to say. All things happen according to God’s perfect will, His active and/or passive will. There are situations He’ll put you in, take you out of or simply allow you to go through because you chose to put yourself in them. Any way it goes, you grow, learn and ultimately recognize His hand in your situation. And this is where hilarious praise breaks out. You’ve seen the memes for “But did you die?”, right?

Well there you go. I’m alive, breathing and have full use of all my limbs. Things could have very well gone a different way. But God!

I killed my car this weekend. By no fault of anyone else, I blew the engine of a perfectly working, no car note, powerhouse of a vehicle. It’s repairable, but only with some hardcore fundraising. But it is doable. In the meantime, I’m rolling on 22s to get to work. Well, the 22 bus to get to the train…

It’s a peaceful ride, clean and hassle-free. I’m grateful for that. Plus I have a big ol cruiser with fresh inner tubes and a sweet basket on front to take me anywhere my feet can pedal to. And i have legs. They’re a little jiggly, but strong as oxen. Walking is not beneath me. I’m not immobilized. I’m not in stasis. I’m not stuck!

I can lift my hands and give God praise! I can stomp my feet to give Him glory! I can use my voice to shout unto Him! And I can use my whole body to dance in praise like David did! I am more than my situation, so for that I give Him hilarious praise!

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