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My Cup is Empty.

Well folks, I’m gonna call time of death on this kickstarter campaign. Fewer than 10 days does not equal $7000. It’s not going to happen.  I’m ok, but disappointed, but ok. I know I have big things on the horizon, I know God has innumerable blessings for RSC in the pipe, this was just not the way to fund them. Selah*.

I love and appreciate all of you that pledged my campaign. Thank you for believing in me and wanting to see me succeed.  Your support means the world to me.  Your cc will not be touched since the goal wasn’t met.  BUT if you still want to contribute to the growth of RSC, you are more than welcome to. If you want to send me your donation directly, I will accept it and honor your reward with joy and gladness. Even if you elected “No Reward”, you’ll still get something.  Cake for everyone!

Kickstarter is a very transparent system. It lays out everything for you to put together a campaign, reach people worldwide and receive funding in a non-personal way. It makes you really examine your project, see and understand it’s worth and work to get what you want. What it also does is put thousands of examples in your face of what has worked and what hasn’t. I studied the unfunded projects to see what they didn’t do; I studied the funded to see what they did do; I studied the mass funded to see how they did it. Some differences were obvious while others left me baffled. How does a lunch truck with an amazing menu not get funded, but a comic book does? How does a locally-sourced, artisan jam maker fall short, but a wallet/pen combo exceeds 600% funding? How did I barely break 10% funding? What the heck?

Then it came to me: What God has for me is for me. What God has for them is for them.  I cannot compare someone else’s overflow to my empty cup. My cup is empty because the water isn’t hot enough yet. Bam. That right there! You ever tried to make tea with tepid water? How tasty is lukewarm coffee? Cup o’Noodles doesn’t even come out right if the water isn’t ready.  My water is still boiling and when it’s done, my cup will runneth over!

Just to drive the point home to me, last week God sent me a message. If you haven’t watched the video on my fb page, go now. I’ll wait…

So you see what i mean? I was in the middle of lamenting, fussing and cussing about what didn’t happen for me, who didn’t support me, what didn’t go right, what didn’t make sense, getting more pissed by the second, when this angel touched my arm and said, “I need your cards!” then laid out a vision for me that I couldn’t begin to have imagined for myself! Not just the vision, but the ability, connections and plans to do so! In a split second, she gave me so much joy and hope that this campaign withered into nothing!   I’m eagerly anticipating her call so we can get started, but again, I’m not rushing anything. My water is still heating up!

*The word selah is found in two books of the Bible, but is most prevalent in the Psalms, where it appears 71 times. Perhaps the best way to think of selah is a combination of several meanings. Essentially, “pause and calmly think about that.”

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